Surya Namaskar with Chaturanga Workshop

Saturday July 18th


Investment $30

 @ Kali Yuga Yoga

Register here

$30 *BOGO 15% off $51 for 2

” Sthira Sukham Asanam”
~ Patanjali

All asana should be steady and pleasant. Panjali explains it perfectly when he suggests balancing our efforts with receptivity. We experience this duality in our asana practice, especially in Vinyasa. Chataruanga and Surya Namaskar build heat and , tapas in the body to prepare for more dynamic asana. We will go into detail and examine each posture individually in Surya Namaskar and link our practice with Ujaii Pranayama. This clinic will deepen your practice and aid in the development of a home vinyasa practice. Suitable for those who have no prior experience and those looking advance their practice.

Explore the delicate balance between ” sthira” ( effort) and Sukha” (sweetness) in this workshop with Megan Kipp.

*Attend two asana clinic workshops or bring a friend!!

Kapotasana: Your Perfect Pigeon September 26th
Hanumanasana: Splits October 18th 

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