Thai Partner Workshop @Shakti Yoga Germantown

June 28th, Sunday

1-3pm , $30/$50 pair

Yoga Nidra

Psychic or Yoga Sleep Guided deep relaxation workshop.

Friday 6:30-8 ,June 26th @ Kali Yuga Yoga

Guided Meditation Workshop

Friday July 10th, 6:30pm @ Kali Yuga Yoga

Surya Namaskar and Chataraunga Workshop

Sun Salutations and the perfect Chaturanga dandasana broken down!

Saturday July 18th ,11:30-1:30 @ Kali Yuga Yoga

Thai Yoga Massage

Saturday September 19th 6:30-8pm @ Kali Yuga Yoga

Friday November 20th 6:30-8pm

click here to register


Your perfect pigeon pose and keys to deep hip openers

Saturday September 26th 11:30-1pm @ Kali Yuga Yoga


Monkey god pose, or the splits and the philosophy behind the Gods and Goddesses in this epic tale about Bhakti Yoga. We will explore safe hip opening and  one great stride!!

October 17th 11:30-1 @ Kali Yuga Yoga


Lunar Flow:

June 13th,  Saturday 1-2:30pm @ Kali Yuga Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga practice with manifestation and aromatherapy, followed by a guided visualization meditation.

At the full moon, the energy builds and builds….there’s an explosive outgoing aspect to it. All of nature grows and is more vital at the full Moon. This surge allows you to take action on behalf of those new Moon intentions you set two week prior. A full Moon ritual might involve taking one solid step, with a symbolic action. And it can be a powerful time to release, cast out, unburden yourself, purge, etc. You celebrate your emergence by stepping out of an old skin, identity, behavior, attitude, relationship. The ritual helps you by marking this inner transformation in a formal way.

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