The Stages of Yoga

Friday Oct 16th

 6:30-8:30 @KaliYugaYoga

Yoga isn’t just fancy asana or poses. It’s the quest of the soul, to the soul.

“The right means are just as important as the end in view. Patanjali enumerates these means as the eight limbs or stages of Yoga for the quest of the soul.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar ~ light on Yoga

Yama and Niyama control the yogi’s passions and emotions and keep him in harmony with his fellow man. Asanas keep the body healthy and strong and in harmony with nature. Finally, the yogi becomes free of body consciousness. He conquers the body and renders it a fit vehicle for the soul. The first 3 stages are the outward quests.
The next two stages, Pranayama and Pratyahara, teach the aspirant to regulate the breathing, and thereby control the mind! These two stages are the inner quest.
Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi take the yogi into the innermost recesses of his soul. These stages are the quest of the soul.
Join us to deepen your understanding, and practice of the stages of yoga.
Kali Yuga Yoga

1011 Fatherland Street

East Nashville, TN 37206

Other workshops to deepen your practice:

July 24th- Yoga Nidra 6:30-8pm

Sep 25th- Yoga Nidra 6:30-8pm


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