Your Perfect Pigeon pose

Strong Core, Open Heart. Your Perfect Pigeon @Kali Yuga Yoga September 26th 11:30- 1:30 $30 Drop in or 2 for $51* Deepen your Practice with this workshop focusing on deep hip opening and deep core integrated backbending to prepare the … Continue reading

Utthan Pristhasana

Asana: Utthan Pristhasana Lizard Anjaneyasana. Hands inside left lunged foot. Lower right leg, keep left hip integrated in hip socket with many hand variations. Get lower, using  your own intuitive movement lead by the breath ease deeper into the pose. … Continue reading

Deepen Your Practice Yoga Challenge

Deepen Your Practice Challenge 1- 1 Yoga pose per day 2- Rise with hot lemon water 3- Eat fruit each day.  In this challenge I will  demonstrate advanced asana, mudras, sanskrit,  and enjoy a few videos for the variations! Whether you have … Continue reading